Re: Google Employee Fired


The dude was not fired for having an opinion, or having the wrong opinion.

The dude was fired for presenting an opinion in Google’s name.

If my employee writes out something, anything at all, and sticks MY letterhead on it and circulates it without running that shit through PR, i’d be fucking pissed. If my employee sticks my letterhead on some polarizing issue that PR wouldn’t touch with a ninety foot dildo, and causes some measurable loss to my company, THAT DUDE IS FIRED. The opinion itself, is irrelevant in this case.

Jeff can say on Jeff’s own god damned blog that he thinks babies are delicious. I don’t give a shit! The moment Jeff presents an opinion and implies that it’s my opinion, FUCK JEFF.

And fuck all ya’ll who are picking this event up as some kinda event relevant to your political opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I love all your opinions. Part of the reason I follow blogs with such diverse and often opposing viewpoints.

But show some critical thinking skills for fucks sake.

Critical thinking is no longer fashionable, Citizen. Gender and appropriation politics rule this day. And the bigger the target, the more urgent it is to make a public spectacle of it.

It might be totally wrong to represent your own opinion as that of a major company, and totally correct to terminate that person for doing so, but neither of these fits the narrative.

tl;dr: groupthink doubleplus ungood