Why are there cyberpunk people that aren’t anti-capitalism? Did y’all like space on the whole underlying theme of cyberpunk?

I think most modern cyberpunk people like it *because* of the rampant industrialization and limitations of personal freedoms that lead to neat shiny technology and don’t focus on the actual implications anymore

it’s the same kind of material fetishism you see from nerds who like gundam and warhammer 40k and shit. they just miss the point completely being made because the technology looks cool/blows shit up.

Where’s that comic?

Nothing about capitalism in there, huh… raelly makes me thing……..

I’ll be perfectly honest, I like to enjoy things without getting into the bullshit politics behind them.

Astonishingly, it’s possible to do that without denying the fact that those things are in there at all.

You know something about Shadowrun? Well first off it’s the only cyberpunk I’m really into, but also while everything is run by a handful of megacorps … It doesn’t actually come up in gameplay. Yeah, the world is fucked and run by people who have one motivation, money, but that’s not the point of it. At least whenever I played the point was that it was a crazy, interesting world with a lot of really cool technology and magic. Yeah maybe further into a single campaign we’d have the possibility of actually caring about the corps but we always started as your basic street-level borderline thugs.

Cyberpunk is neat, but I don’t see how it requires capitalism to be achieved.

you’ve managed to somehow not only miss the point of cyberpunk as a whole, but also of shadowrun in particular

the titular shadowrun isn’t street level thuggery, a shadowrun is a black op undertaken by deniable assets hired off-the-book by corporate or government agents, often involving espionage or disruption of other megacorps. your characters can have ties to these corps, they can be actively tracked by them, they can be made a non-person by them for the actions they take and the sides they choose prior to gameplay or even during campaigns, and all of that affects gameplay. campaigns often involve the side effects of outsourcing your corporate espionage to those who work for the highest bidder or have interests beyond making the most profit. a good shadowrun campaign kicks into high gear when someone goes a little further than the job requires and discovers something like Soykaf being made of people, or that Renkaku is nabbing SINless folks off the streets and experimenting on them because hey, they don’t have a SIN so they’re barely people anyway. 

The point of Shadowrun is exploring a world where corporations have grown so large and so powerful they’ve effectively replaced governments as the most powerful entities in the world. The point of cyberpunk is the class struggle, the disparity between the part of society that’s been left to rot and the unchecked powers that only care about people in terms of how much wealth they can produce or how many goods they can consume, and the way that underclass uses the tech created by corps in an attempt to do anything from survive outside their influence to bring down their ivory towers.

So pretty much its like real life…