the GOP is aiming for a $6.5 TRILLION tax cut for the rich by this year. to do this, they’re just gonna pass this bill, which will definetely bankrupt the federal govt, and so to not bankrupt the govt they’re gonna cut programs like Pell Grants, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security…..basically every program that benefits the poor, minorities, women…


call your house rep:

call your senate rep:

call your governor:

date: October 26 2017.

part 1. part 2.

I think the saddest part about this is the calls to action to call the very same people who are doing this.  Who do you think they will listen to?  You, the angry caller, or the rich guy slipping $10k in their pocket?

Their only real fear is being booted out of office, and most of them have plenty of assurances against that.  

Its sad, but I believe the only hope of reform will come through revolution.  Either that or a constitutional convention.   We really need Constitution 2.0.