i fixed it

Thank you. This comic in its original form fucks with me on a most fundamental level. Maybe its because..

1) Judy, for that matter, no rabbit, would ever say “I don’t want this child.” That’s just not how rabbits are.

2) Nick would never say “Premeditated sin”, is there any evidence that the world of Zootopia has a concept of sin, or the concept of a Elohimic god who would specify what is sin?

I am not saying Zootopia has no morality, but “sin” is something a divine being prohibits, not what is “right” or “wrong”. Atheists, for example, also have morality.

The most reprehensible thing about this comic is that it tries to tie these beloved characters who should have the most romantic relationship ever, to a political agenda not even relevant in their canon. 

The original “I will survive” comic makes me ill and i’m glad people are altering the speech bubbles.

If you want to read the original, you can find it on Google easily enough, I won’t link to it, because I don’t want to be responsible for giving it more views.

(Edit) As I thought about this a bit more, while I maintain that both actions above are out of character for both Nick and Judy and don’t make sense in their world, of the two, Nick was the most of character, because rabbits also don’t become police officers (it’s never been done before, is the point of the whole first act of the movie).   Therefore its plausible for her to be the first to get an abortion as well.

That being said, Judy is a rabbit, and she literally has 100+ siblings, and she comes from a town with 80+ million bunnies and counting.  While that’s more of a rabbit joke than anything, it still seems apparent that no abortions are happening in Bunnyburrow.

TL;DR: The reason that “I will survive” is bad is not because either the writing or the art is bad, but because its basic premise is wrong for the characters and the world.  It asks “what if” for a scenario that would not occur.  The moral of its story is “Mu”.