I have a friends who’s mother is wiccan, her family has been for many generations. She highly advises not to believe everything on the internet about it considering a majority is fake. Which I agree, I’m a little new to this but I highly suggest researching through books at your local library or buying some online, Ive seen so many posts that don’t fallow anything of truth and are just made up to sound pretty or for an aesthetic.

🌑 Libary may not let you check out books on wicca do too people taking them home and burning them.

Perhaps your friends mother could clarify her terms?

While I agree with the part about not believing everything on the internet, I also know that Wicca was established by Gerald Gardner around 1950 so it would difficult for a family to be Wiccan for more than a couple of generations. 

@teawitch I was thinking the same thing. On another note, it’s never a bad idea to double check information or cross reference the things you read online. That said, much of the info we post on here as witches has been gathered from some kind of reference. Rarely do we pull things from thin air and try to pass it off as legit. It’s also hard to say what’s legit and what isn’t because not every witch follows the same exact path. All in all, do your own research.

However, in witchcraft a lot of intent matters. Obviously, don’t do
anything that seems sketchy or like a bad idea, but just because someone
makes up a spell or a practice doesn’t mean it won’t work. Witchcraft
is such a loose practice with so many different facets that just because
something hasn’t been in practice for generations doesn’t mean that it
won’t work.

I think the real point here is that in witchcraft there is a difference between tradition and ritual. To be honest, anyone can write a book about witchcraft as well.

The reason witchcraft works is because it is an interaction between ones intent, and ones walk with nature and the spirits. There is no one way to do it, just like there is no one way to live life. People post on the internet about their experiences and what worked for them. Lots of things ‘work’ and some will become ‘tradition’ i’m sure.

You should take every single word spoken of witchcraft with both a grain of salt, and as a potential starting point for your own rituals.