Feeling really edgy today so have a few black and white pics of me showing off my inner emo kid.
Also I found out that mask really helps with my mouth related species dysphoria, so expect to see me wearing a lot it in the future !

>species dysphoria

that’s not a fucking thing.

It’s a real thing.

My psychiatrist says it’s a real thing. My therapist says it’s a real thing. My fucking endocrinologist says it’s a real thing.

Whether you believe it or not doesn’t matter, all the professionals I talked to said it’s a real thing. I’m a grown ass man, don’t expect me to not check before saying something on the internet.

I know my shit, I researched my shit, I asked professionals about it, and I’m getting really tired of people being so obviously ignorant.

Thank you for your fucking time,

– Aleksandr

get better therapists

I can’t argue with that logic. Not because it’s a good argument. Because it’s nonsense.

Is that really the best you can do? “Get better therapists.” Because your opinion is the measuring stick of the universe and anyone who disagrees must be wrong.

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