The word “moist” is the Number One universally reviled word in the English language due to both its definition and the way it sounds. Similarly gross words include

  • chunks
  • curdling
  • squirt
  • munch
  • bulbous
  • pustule
  • sink
  • squirm
  • slippery

Which got me wondering, can I elicit the same emotions with words that have no meaning? And the answer is “Yes, yes you definitely can.”

So here it is: words and phrases that elicit “thanks, i hate it!” by sheer negative sonority

  • scrungo
  • beesechurger
  • mingus
  • hurgling
  • tungus
  • Scrimmy Bingus and the Crungy Spingus
  • slurm
  • chungus
  • crungle
  • gunch

But did you know you can make it even worse by combining them??

  • bucket of curdling chunks
  • the pustulous gunch muncher
  • your squirming tungus
  • this crungy beesechurger
  • a squirting chungus
  • the slurm sink
  • a slippery mingus

And my all time favorite

m y ⠀m o i s t ⠀s c r u n g o

someone please find a way to work all of these into one coherent, single paragraph, story and make the most hated story in the world

The story you are looking for is the “Eye of Argon”.