opinion on nounself? 👀





Like as in “Himself, herself, themself, xymself, catself?”

I honestly don’t know. It’s pretty heavily linked with mogai identities and doesn’t merge well in language. I also don’t see a reason to use a noun as a pronoun. Though I guess it can be a good part of gender exploration. 
My PERSONAL opinion is eeeeeeeh why?
But like, if it makes someone more comfortable, I don’t care. Go crazy, tell me what to call you and I will call you that. 

I just stick with “they”, like, we have a fine neutral pronoun, people take shit too far sometimes.

I am not familiar with this otherkin 2.0 lingo.  What is a mogai identity?   And does it have anything to do with this: 

MOGAI – marginalized orientations, genders, and identities

Was made to replace LGBT(QQIAANP+) for obvious reasons but now has somehow evolved into “all non- gay / bi / pan / trans identities” like aspec folks and more specialized labels like genderflux, stargender, autochorissexual, etc. Nounself pronouns are a nonbinary thing, not an otherkin thing; but there was confusion and people think they’re an otherkin thing now for some reason. Because they’re nontraditional on tumblr, they’re supposedly MOGAI and therefore Bad and Wrong.

It’s silly.

Thank you for explaining it to me I truly was wondering, i’m 41 and losing track of all these terms.  I have never heard this term outside of Tumblr.   I’m familiar with genderflux but not the other two, nor even most of the ones I see on Tumblr anymore.