i am very adamant that elves are far less restrictive about gender and relationships than humans

this post cost me a follower. good. reblog for non-binary polyamorous elves. ignore for cisheteronormativity.

did someone say polyamorous?

Elves live far too long to give a shit about anything other than having a good time.

Yes, that is more than implied in a few of Ed Greenwood’s early Forgotten Realms novels, back in the AD&D 2e days when the setting was first introduced.

And WoTC agrees on the gender according to Mordenkain.

Most fae are poly, actually, and particularly the ones that can shapeshift, have very loose ideas about gender in general.  In fact we don’t really have a specific word of polyamory, we kind of just borrow the mortal word, since we don’t normally need such a word.   Also the word for monogamy translates to “one-loving” in mortal speak.