new atheists deride religion as “primitive superstition” but when you hear their take on what religion is it’s clear they have the shallowest concept of it

Y’all are the ones with holy books about talking snakes and blood sacrifices, but go off I guess

see what i mean

Atheist: Religion is an attempt by primitive people to make sense of the world.

OP: What a moron, not wholeheartedly believing the scripture of ancient sand hermits. 😏💅😏😏

Atheist: Your book is full of talking snakes, blood sacrifices and completely unbelievable fantasies.


Why do most atheists seem to think every religion is Christianity?

Because its dominant and has done the most damage to the world.

Additionally keep in mind that Christianity, Islam and Judaism ultimately fall under the Elohimic pantheon and therefore the same series of books, with just some variances in which books they feel are ‘valid’.   The Elohimic pantheon is a very convenient target because it covers about 80% of divine belief on the planet.

I doubt that most atheists are aware of the other 20% but that is fine because the other 20% do not get to make laws and policies and the other 20% doesn’t typically have a ‘convert or be damned’ philosophy either..