self care is walking into the forest and letting the fae take you

Reasonably certain this is the exact opposite of self care, and that the OP might be a changeling.

No no, let them speak

those of the unseelie court are NOT valid

if you’ve ever deceived a human child fuck you

OP is a malevolent sidhe so go off i guess

Reblogging this with corrections:

Self care IS letting the fae take you.   Its not like we’re gonna kill you or eat you or anything.   Well at least I wouldn’t.  Becoming fae could be the best thing that happens to you.

Fae of the Seelie court, the Unseelie, the Nature court, and any other court, are all valid.

Fae not of a court are also valid.

Also, we don’t deceive human children, we save them.  I don’t know if you have had a look at humanity lately, but maybe you should…