I think games are stagnating a bit because we’ve sort of hit a partial apex in technology. A point where any improvements to tech (both hardware and software-wise) are incremental so there’s no huge leaps or innovation.

My theory is that it’s lead to sort of a developers-block and death of inspiration because there’s nothing new to play around with and inspire new ideas. No real drive anyone in the industry to try breaking new ground because it feels like there’s nothing new to create.

-We won’t see anything as revolutionary as first version of ID Tech again. 

-We won’t see weird experimental tech like FMV stuff again

-3D game engines are so advanced we won’t see any breathtaking leaps in graphical technology because of the logistics. You’d need some insane rig running like SLI Titian Vs to run any game that actually looks like a huge leap forward because of diminishing returns and the amount of polygons you’d need to make a stark improvement.

There’s just nothing exciting to spark ideas and make you eagerly await the future of gaming anymore.  

I honestly think developers need to learn to limit themselves more. Some of the most interesting graphics and gameplay mechanics came about because of technological limitations and I’d like to see a return of that.

I agree.

More devs need to simulate that experimental phase by intentionally limited themselves via lower-end hardware targets. To use PCGaming just step bad and say “I’m gonna make the best looking game I can that can run on a potato”

Just to give themselves that challenge to inspire coming at from a different angle when designing the game.

I think that’s part of the problem people have with indie games that use pixel art.

A lot of those games use pixel art as a crutch for easier art when pixel art was originally the best developers could make

Like a developer will try to recreate the style of say, a snes final fantasy game when the style they were emulating was meant to be as close to realism as they could get with the current technology.

A lot of devs just make really lackluster pixel art instead of bothering to push the limitations of the style and make something good like classic 2D did. One game I give props to for averting is this FoxTail because the graphics are beautiful.

It’s clearly using Pixel Art for stylistic reasons to make it feel relaxing and nostalgic instead of as a crutch to avoid actual effort. 

This looks pretty fantastic.

Plus there are foxes.