Something that always bothered me is how much Atsuko Nishida is ignored. 

She contributed the most to Pokemon’s success with Pikachu, Eevee and Charizard and many other popular pokemon while Ken Sugimori is the one who has always takes the praise and spotlight unfairly.

Nishida made more kids happy than Ken ever did.

Nishida made Pokemon more successful than Ken ever did

Nishida made creative and beautiful designs, Ken made very bland, boring and silly designs and an unfortunate ugly monster that made an entire starter line often unloved.

Nishida didn’t get fame or much talk, she has been always overlooked and overshadowed by Ken Sugimori.

It also saddens me that Nishida didn’t get a larger role in Gamefreak either, she left the company to be a freelancer while Ken Sugimori got to be the Art Director of every game.

Why there’s no justice in this world?

Sorry to burst your bubble OP but..

Ken Sugimori, despite your cherry picked selection of pokemon, actually did design way more then “very bland, boring and silly designs”

Point is both creators have made some amazing pokemon and i bet my life you can find at least one pokemon from both that you love

As a few have said already: you can appreciate one persons work without discrediting another. And on a personal level it made me mad that you would call Venusaur “and unfortunate ugly monster that made an entire starter line often unloved” hello??? whats ur problem????

The creator of Eevee and Vulpix shall always have the glory and respect in my book.