If you don’t feel like your kintype 💕

Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to grasp yourself with your kintype, but it is important to think of strategies to feel more connected to what that is.

-❤️Visit places that your kintype would be around

-💛Eat food that relates to your kintype

-💚Listen to music that speaks to your kintype

-💙Try to get involved with people alike (if possible)

-💜Wear things that your kintype would wear

-❤️Write or draw things about your kintype

-💛Do activities that make you feel like your kintype

-💚Think on past memories (if you have them!)

-💙Use your imagination as a simulation of what it’s like to be your kintype

-💜Try to feel more confident within your kintype

-❤️Connect with your heart and spirit

If you don’t feel like your kintype…

Maybe another kintype is right for you.

Its ok to introspect and meditate and do some more self-reflection…

And maybe it will lead to strengthening your sense of identity, or maybe you’ll find our you’re something else altogether, but at least you’ll be a step closer to truth.

But sometimes, you just feel more mundane than you are.   This world does that to everyone.   This world is structured to keep people in line, marching to the same beat towards something that noone really knows what it is.  But be assured that if you really are otherkin, that aspect of you will come knocking again.   It doesn’t just go away its part of who you are.

Some of the suggestions above suggest that being otherkin is a life choice, but its more like a life acceptance.  

tl;dr: It’s always ok to use these times to refine your sense of what you are.