Where did the idea that us Otherkin and Therian individuals are demanding we have special privileges come from?

Maybe it stems from our forced (inaccurate and unwarranted) connection with mainstream far-left political movements and with folks’ mistaking us for being part of the LGBTQ+ category (Which we are not and never have claimed to be.)

But in reality, we never associated our beliefs with gender/sexuality issues, outsiders of our community just seemed to assume that we do, when in reality it just isn’t so.

You more than often see posts mocking Otherkin for being “spoiled, selfish snowflakes” who “demand special privileges” but you rarely ever see the evidence behind these claims.

Troll accounts will endlessly make posts impersonating Otherkin, trying to see how many of us they can offend and how many other people they can mislead into thinking we are a social justice movement that “demands that schools serve granite lunches for dragonkin youth.”

Don’t get me wrong, It’s hilarious to watch. Especially because it never actually happens in actual kin groups.

We never ask of anything more than coexistence and respect, which is what all humans wish for.

Radical social-justice movements may try and speak on our behalf and “fight for our right to express our identity”

But we never requested this, our group was forced into the action by the MOGAI movement and tumblr.

We minded our business per usual, until misinformed individuals started to twist the original definition of the community and otherkin expierence, creating a “tumblr brand” of our group, and this is what attracted the unwanted attention to our otherwise unnoticed and unbothered online community.

Every iconic post about scoffing down rocks, killing the neighbour’s dog, zoophiliac attractions towards animals, attacking/biting children and etc, are all pathetically amusing trolls trying too hard for shock value. Trolls who are also sadly misled and unfortunately likely were exposed to the frankly batshit crazy side of things, leading to the false belief that those comedic posts are actually how we behave.

So, for your clarification:

Otherkin isn’t related to gender, nor sexuality or LGBTQ+/MOGAI identity. Nobody ever unironically claims to be “crow-gender.”

Otherkinity isn’t tied into any social justice or feminist movements, while plenty of Otherkin are involved with these ideologies, we aren’t inherently related.

Otherkin span across the entirety of the political spectrum.

We are aware of our humanity, we do not claim that genetically nor physically we are non-human, I can assure you that a cotton swab of my DNA would return back as 100% Homo Sapien.

Heterosexual and cisgendered Otherkin exist.

The Otherkin community originated in the 90s in neo-pagan groups, Therianthropy around the same time-frame aswell.

Otherkinity isn’t an mental illness, and there are academic papers aswell as psychiatric support on this.

Nobody is ever going to ask you to respect their “Giraffe-kin rights.” Nor call you oppressive for eating their “brethren.”

That old Otherkin documentary is rejected and despised even by us, the individuals who took part in the film didn’t know any better and were coerced by the film-crew to partake in bizarre behaviour to raise the “taboo factor” for an larger audience.

Those young kids in the cringe compilations who wear tails, romp and howl in public are like that because they are children, and children will do odd things regardless of what they are a part of, especially if it makes them feel like they “belong” to a accepting community. Eventually, most grow out of it and learn to express their beliefs in much more mature and subtle ways.

Nobody eats rocks, bones, raw or rotten meat. Anyone suggesting they do is blatanly a troll.

If someone is displaying signs of genuine mental illness in conjunction to their identity, the community advises them to seek psychiatric care and not stew in their own delusions. They may refuse that offer and continue to live in an unhealthy manner, but that is not on us.

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