otherkin isnt a gender identity


its just an identity

seriously guys it aint hard

if anyone u see claims otherkin is a gender they are a troll

+1 Glory






nb people are members of the fae

reblog if you’re nb, a member of the fae, or support nb fae people

people who want to be kidnapped by the fae can also reblog 

maybe i should start kidnapping-as-a-service

I’m fae.

I’m also non-binary…

Maybe there IS a correlation …




Let’s crunch some numbers here real quick.

I want you to know the first number is made up. It’s not a number that’s real, my actual income is different from this number, but I’ve chosen this number to make the math easy.

I made $3400 last year. (Not really, but we are using it.)

Now, of that, 322 was taken by the Feds, 210 was taken by SSI, and 49 was taken Medicare.

Further, 133 was taken by the state, and 17 was taken by the city.

So I take home, of my 3400, 2669. Those other numbers are real, derived from the percentage of tax I actually paid.

In total, that is 21% of my income.

And you know what? I don’t mind. At least, I wouldn’t mind, if EVERYONE PAID THIS PERCENTAGE.

I am a poor person. That other 731 I probably could have used on doctors, or vehicle maintenance, or perhaps even a nice appliance that would improve the quality of my life. But hay, I understand that the Government can’t maintain roads, educate and feed schoolkids, plant nice parks, and protect my property for free.

But could you, for just a moment, imagine what kind of budget those municiple projects could work with if they even dared to apply that same 21% of taxes to RICH people? I mean heck, even a single percent of Mark Zuckerburg’s (Real, actual) income from last year alone could house every homeless person in america. No exaggeration. Not like we’re short homes for homeless people. There’s 3 unoccupied homes for every homeless person right now.

I’m not asking for a revolution. I’m just asking for everyone to pay the same dues, rich or poor. 21% cannot be Capitalism when applied to me and Socialist when applied to you.